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Sweet Vidalia
The Bird Boys
The Do Right
USA Noir
Message to the Nurse of Dreams
In the River Province
You Who Make the Sky Bend
The Famous Thing About Death


Short Story Collection


Message to the Nurse of Dreams

Message to the Nurse of Dreams is about growing up in the late 60s in a Texas oil town soaked by Gulf winds, where every kid was one generation removed from the country — a time when black and white got mixed together, half-grown, half children, trying to decide if they were as different as they’d been led to believe all their lives.



“The prose is not only beautiful, but there’s not a dishonest sentence anywhere to be found. I admire this writer tremendously.”  

—Antonya Nelson, author of Funny Once"


Lisa Sandlin displays a deep, instinctive understanding of the ways in which generally close-knit families compulsively bicker and splinter — and the ways in which a teenage girl can, unexpectedly, be as concerned about her moral nature as she is about her complexion."  

—Bruce Allen, The New York Times Full Review

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