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Coming December 2024


Sweet Vidalia 

Meet Eliza Kratke, a woman whose life will never be the same.  

A beautiful story of what it takes to rebuild a life from the ground up.  


“With her keen understanding of the human heart and a gift for laying it bare on the page, Lisa Sandlin has given us a beautiful story of what it takes to re-build a ruined life from the ground up. Readers will grieve with Eliza Kratke at the shocking upheaval in her marriage. They’ll rejoice at her spirit. When they finish the book, they’ll miss her. I certainly did.”

Elizabeth Crook, author of "The Mad Stone"

“Poignant and uplifting, Sweet Vidalia is a beautifully written tribute to the courage of a woman wounded by life who, through steadfast determination, reclaims her self-esteem, and the joy of living.” 

—Kathleen Kent, bestselling author of "Black Wolf" and "The Heretic’s Daughter" 

Sweet Vidalia
The Bird Boys
The Do Right
USA Noir
Message to the Nurse of Dreams
In the River Province
You Who Make the Sky Bend
The Famous Thing About Death
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