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The Bird Boys
The Do Right
USA Noir
Message to the Nurse of Dreams
In the River Province
You Who Make the Sky Bend
The Famous Thing About Death
Times of Sorrow Times of Grace
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The Bird Boys

A follow-up to one of 2015’s Best Books of Fiction and one of the year’s Best Mysteries and Thrillers 


The new novel from award-winning author Lisa Sandlin catches up with the almost-murdered secretary Delpha Wade (The Do-Right, 2015, set in 1973) as she’s released from a hospital in order to be tucked into the back seat of a police cruiser. Her boss, P. I. Tom Phelan, sets out to spring her. He needs her back in his investigation business, where he’ll soon be chasing a skulking grand larcenist and plotting how to keep a ganjapreneur out of the grabby hands of a brand new agency, the D.E.A. Delpha digs through old records and knocks on strange doors to unravel the dangerous case of two brothers with beaucoup aliases—verifying that sometimes truth is not true, but murder is always murder. 


“Ex-con Delpha Wade and her PI boss sizzle in The Bird Boys, Lisa Sandlin’s terrific follow-up to The Do-Right.  Subtle, sexy, tender, and smart, The Bird Boys lovingly recreates Beaumont, Texas in the 1970s:  the crooks, the cops, and regular folks just trying to get by.  Brimming with hard-boiled dialogue and poetic insights alike, The Bird Boys is a deeply humane and provocative book that builds relentlessly to its chilling conclusion.”

— Joy Castro, author of "Hell or High Water"

Listed one of The Best Crime Novels of the Year by Marilyn Stasio for New York Times 

International Hit 

Translated in German The Bird Boys is called Family Business and hit #3 on Krimibestenliste, the German critics' list. 

Publishers’ Weekly, Starred Review

“What makes this crime novel soar is the humanity and humility of its main characters. It is by turns exciting, tender, suspenseful, observant, and gently funny. Readers will eagerly await the next installment.” 

Booklist, Starred Review

“Sandlin’s sequel soars on the wings of its spot-on evocation of a time and place and its utterly compelling central characters... A first-rate series crying for word-of-mouth support.”

Kirkus, Starred Review

“Proving that anything old can be new in the right, talented hands, Sandlin has crafted an outstanding series that readers will want to follow and savor.” 

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