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You Who Make the Sky Bend

You Who Make the Sky Bend: Saints as Archetypes of the Human Condition is a book of retablo paintings by Catherine Ferguson, accompanied by biographies Lisa Sandlin compiled from ancient and contemporary sources and poetry.

"For every saint, the book features a juxtaposition of Sandlin's words with Ferguson's image. Their tale of Brigid of Ireland, who is associated with birth, light, and poetry, is that of a girl who, Sandlin writes, 'walks in the goddess's footsteps. She calls words to poets and grants sure-handedness to the crafters of things, acts as balm to the sick and dying, makes the land bear and flower.' In Ferguson's interpretation of Brigid, the goddess-girl skips through a snowy, sun-drenched landscape, braids flying, wolves running alongside her."

—Carmella Padilla, The New Mexican

Sweet Vidalia
The Bird Boys
The Do Right
USA Noir
Message to the Nurse of Dreams
In the River Province
You Who Make the Sky Bend
The Famous Thing About Death
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